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To reserve your space, please call 770-516-9989.  We look forward to being a part of your creative endeavors! Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

“The Listening Path: The Creative Art of Attention (A 6-Week Artist’s Way Program)”
The first FoxTale class of 2021 – live, via video, each Tuesday evening, February 2 through March 9, from 6-7:30 p.m.
$99, includes book.
Whether your Word of the Year is Begin, Reset, or Strength – or whatever Word empowers you – you had to LISTEN to your heart in order to determine your mindset for 2021.
On February 2, we will begin a 6-week Journey of Listening – to ourselves, our surroundings, and one another – and begin to heal as we plan for and take tentative steps forward into our post-2020 lives.
Using Morning Pages, Artist Dates, and Walking, Julia Cameron guides us into deeper levels of listening, tuning out the chaff and chatter so we may reap a rich harvest of understanding.
Join us, won’t you? I’ll be listening for your reply.
- Beth Hermes, Facilitator

Feng Shui Vision Board Workshop (LIVE- VIA VIDEO)
Sunday, February 21, 3-5 pm
Facilitated by Beth Hermes

Create your 2021 Vision Board using Feng Shui principles of Abundance, Reputation, Relationships, Family & Friends, Health, Creativity, Wisdom, Life Path (Career), and Travel.
Start clipping photos/images and words now from magazines or online searches, and have them ready for this FUN 2-hour workshop via live video on Sunday, February 21.
Just $49 includes poster board & glue, plus a copy of Ashley Cantley’s new book, “High Vibe Feng Shui” ($17.99 value).
Sign up through FoxTale Book Shoppe - 770-516-9989 -(and pick up your supplies & book there before the 21st ), and be sure to provide your Email address (for the invitation to the online workshop).
Manifesting your 2021 intentions is ELEMENT-al (a little feng shui humor!)