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Emerging Author Night


Upcoming Dates: TBD

*Invitations will be sent one month prior to the event, to authors who have filled out the ONLINE APPLICATION.

FoxTale Book Shoppe Emerging Authors Notice for 2021

So many conversations begin with these words this year…

“Because of COVID-19” - our quarterly Emerging Authors program has been on hiatus, as we are unable to safely accommodate the large audience that attends these events at FoxTale Book Shoppe at this time.

We ARE still accepting applications for our Emerging Authors program. Invitations to participate will be sent once we are able to safely host in-store events of this size again.

If you have a book that has already been released, please take a moment to fill out the Emerging Authors Application Form on this page. Then, watch your in-box for your invitation to participate in one of our four Emerging Authors 2021 events (tentatively planned for May, August, and November).

**Check back on this page for updates about the FoxTale Book Shoppe Emerging Authors program.

As an Independent Bookseller, FoxTale Book Shoppe is unable to carry copies of books by local/small press/independent authors on consignment. If you have written a book, PLEASE DO NOT call/drop by with your book. We look forward to supporting the efforts of local/small press/independent authors through our Emerging Authors program.

Thank you!

Beth Hermes

Coordinator, FoxTale Book Shoppe Emerging Authors Program

If you would you like to be considered for the Emerging Author Program, fill out the form below. Please do not call FoxTale to follow up on your request, and please do not leave book copies at the store. 

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