About the Emerging Authors Program

Emerging Author Night


Upcoming Dates: TBD

*Invitations will be sent one month prior to the event, to authors who have filled out the ONLINE APPLICATION.

Please apply for future Emerging Authors opportunities by submitting your information below AFTER your book has been published. Due to COVID-19, we are not scheduling future events at this time but please do complete the form for when we can gather again.

Are you a self-published or small-press “emerging” author? Would you like to pitch and sell your book to readers at one of our Emerging Author events? We host approximately ten authors and their books at FoxTale during our Emerging Author Events which are held approximately six times per year. Here are some guidelines to read before you contact us, then use the form below.

1) If invited, be prepared to speak about 3-5 minutes about your book. Keep it brief and lively, giving customers a reason for wanting to purchase your book. If you have more than one book, you still have only 3-5 minutes at the podium to talk about them. Some authors find it better to talk about one and then mention the others.

2) Representatives of FoxTale Book Shoppe will determine the roster of authors for each event. Not all authors are selected to participate in this program. We will sell your book during the event on your behalf. If invited to attend, book pricing and commission details will be provided. And, of course, you must have actual published books in hand in order to participate in this event. It is a waste of everyone’s time to apply early and then have no inventory available to participate.

3)  Your book doesn’t have to be PG-13, but your presentation that evening must be. Our events often coincide with Main Street Woodstock’s Friday Night Live in order to maximize exposure to customers and potential readers.

4) It is up to YOU to invite friends who may want to purchase your book. Selling your book during this one evening is what it’s all about! Post the event on your Facebook page, invite co-workers, send out e-mails.  It is very important that you help promote the event to friends, co-workers, book clubs, writing groups etc. And ask them to share the event with their friends!

If you would you like to be considered for the Emerging Author Program, fill out the form below. We will contact you within ninety (90) days. Please do not call FoxTale to follow up on your request, and please do not leave book copies at the store. 

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